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Enjoy Broadband Internet Service in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus residents can benefit from the high-speed Internet connections and premium cable TV packages offered by Breezeline, which is one of the country’s largest broadband internet providers. Thanks to our broad range of plans, you pay only for the services that work best for your budget and needs. 

Columbus internet provider Breezeline

WOW! Is Now Breezeline

You’ve probably heard that WideOpenWest, Inc. (WOW!) cable service is now Breezeline in Ohio. Under this new name, you’ll have access to more products and services. Try out Breezeline Stream TV, a cloud-based service combining live television, a DVR, On Demand shows, and TV streaming apps. You can use this service on your television and your phone thanks to the Breezeline Stream TV app. We also know you want to stay entertained when not at your home here in Columbus, which is why you can download recorded shows from our TV Online App and take them with you.

We’ve Got What You Need

Build Your Perfect Internet Package

With Breezeline, you no longer need to purchase a plan that simply doesn’t work for you. Build on your core, high-speed Internet connection to add TV and phone services you want and create the perfect package. We offer your favorite channels so you can enjoy the best in television entertainment. You have access to local channels, such as WTTE (Fox Columbus), PBS, and a variety of sports, news, and premium channels. Don’t forget about your high-speed Internet options, which you can pair with dozens of channels.

Fast WiFi Coverage Throughout Your Home

Take advantage of the WiFi Your Way™ Home plan, which gives you expanded WiFi coverage throughout your home, with fast speeds of up to 1 gigabyte. WiFi pods are strategically placed around your home to give you seamless WiFi coverage, so you’re always connected, whether you’re working from home, taking online classes, or unwinding after a busy day. This feature also includes parental controls and an Online Security (Guard™) to protect all your WiFi devices.

Customer Service on Your Terms

No matter if you’re looking to set up a new account or you’re an existing customer in Columbus, we know that you might have questions or issues that arise regarding your service. That’s why we’ve made customer service a priority. Search through popular questions directly on our website or download the My Breezeline app to get the most out of our services. You can easily view account history, manage billing methods, set up paperless billing and auto bill-pay, and access tutorials.

Serving the Under-Served

At Breezeline, we understand how vital it is to stay connected to your community, so not only do we serve larger cities like Columbus, Cleveland, and Troy, but we also partner with state and local facilities to extend broadband into rural communities. We also provide courtesy Internet and cable services to certain schools and government agencies.

Speeds are stated for download only over wired connections. Wireless speeds may be lower. Actual Internet speeds, including wireless vary due to conditions outside of network control and congestion, customer location, equipment, access through a connection, not guaranteed; please see Breezeline’s Network Management Disclosure on the Policies & Agreements page details. Service subscriber device limitations.

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