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Just show us your space and the (wireless) world is yours.

We’ll make setup a breeze and minimize the number of devices you’ll have in your home while making sure you get maximum performance from them. And once you’re connected to the app, you’ll enjoy 247 cloud-based online protection, guest access controls, and even flexible parental controls.

How WiFi Your Way helped this customer focus on what matters most.

“Great internet speed, reliable connectivity, and the pricing is very reasonable! I highly recommend trying them out!"

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Every tool you’ll need to effortlessly keep your whole home connected.

The perfect placement of hardware in your home is just the beginning. The magic starts once everything’s in place because this is no simple mesh network. Your network will continuously learn from what you’ve got and how you use it — self-optimizing to keep things running smoothly, quickly, and consistently even as you move around your home. You won’t need to worry or troubleshoot, just enjoy a home internet connection customized for you and your loved ones.

You’ll be protected by technology that never sleeps.

WiFi Your Way™ Home powered by Plume® HomePass protects every device on your network with digital and data security that’s always on. You’ll get easy access controls, built-in ad-blocking, and suspicious activity detection. Every connected device in the home will be automatically protected from malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Being the boss of your network is easier than you might think.

You won’t need to monitor and control your network to stay safe and connect all of your devices. But if you want to, it’s never been easier. With the app, you can control your home WiFi, manage access, and create guest passwords with expiration dates for extra security. You can even determine what devices users on the network can access — from the smart TV to the printer. And it’s all just a few taps away.

We’re here for you, ready to listen and help.

What really makes Breezeline different? How much we care. We don’t just outperform competitors with our products, we work hard to give our neighbors an easier and a better experience.

But don’t just take it from us...

“My service is consistent and I haven’t had any serious problems. The one time I was behind on a payment, I was able to speak with a representative and get everything straightened out with no interruptions to my service.”

Speeds are stated for download only over wired connections. Wireless speeds may be lower. Actual Internet speeds, including wireless vary due to conditions outside of network control and congestion, customer location, equipment, access through a connection, not guaranteed; please see Breezeline’s Network Management Disclosure on the Policies & Agreements page details. Service subscriber device limitations.

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