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Watch whenever, wherever, with whoever.

We know one of the best parts of watching a great movie or show is talking about it with your friends and family. That’s why we give you options. Lots of them. Watch on your phone or other devices, or when visiting friends, and share experiences with the whole family. All the entertainment you love, however you want.

How this customer makes the most of Breezeline Stream TV

“Breezeline has the best value for your money. Very satisfied with the internet and TV selection.”

Everything you want to do is better and easier than ever.

Breezeline Stream TV powered by TiVo® makes finding and watching what you want simple and intuitive. Set your TV free and see just some of what you can do.

Search and Find

Search across live TV, DVR recordings and streaming apps like Netflix and more, to easily find and watch what you're looking for. Your Breezeline Stream TV scours multiple platforms and services, so the search experience is always fast, simple and seamless.

Just Say It

Your remote will let you speak in your natural voice and gives you the ability to narrow your search results as you go. Search for shows, tune to a channel, ask for a recommendation—it’s all at your fingertips.

All Together Now

Enjoy your favorites no matter the source. Simply say what you want to watch into your voice remote, and you’ll get results for everything available to you—and start watching faster.

Instant Entertainment

Now watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube and much more is as easy as changing the channel. Say goodbye to juggling remotes or switching inputs and get all your entertainment in one place.

Instant Recommendations

Get customized suggestions on what to watch based on the types of programs, actors or directors you’ve selected.

Record it All

With no simultaneous recording limits and 150 hours of recording capacity, recording conflicts are over. Upgrade to DVR Max for even more storage with 300 hours.


HBO subscribers have access to the Max app at no additional cost. Enjoy groundbreaking programming, DC’s iconic heroes, all-new Originals and so much more!

Entertainment to go? Sure. With the app you can take your TV with you.

When you’re not home, we believe you should still have access to your favorite entertainment. So we’re not going to hold you back. In fact, we’ve got an app to make it even easier to keep endless entertainment right in your pocket.

State of the art services. Neighborly service.

What really makes Breezeline different? How much we care. We don’t just outperform competitors with our products, we work hard to give our neighbors an easier and a better experience.

But don’t just take it from us...

"I had an issue with my cable box and the service tech that came to my house was pleasant, professional, and his attitude to make my cable work at its best was so refreshing. If I owned a business, I would feel honored to have someone like him as an employee."

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