Get more out of your internet and TV service

Show It All

Access live TV and popular streaming services without juggling remotes or switching inputs.

See It Again, Instantly

Live Rewind, Start Over, and Catch Up live sports and programs in progress.*

Search With Ease

Search across all streaming services, live TV and more with a single voice command.

Access 500+ Apps

Entertain customers with live TV and popular apps from the Google Play Store.

*Start Over and Catch Up features are not available on all channels.

Keep it simple.

Deliver the news, sports, and entertainment your customers and employees want. Breezeline Business Stream TV combines live TV including local channels with the power of the Google Play Store. Now you can stream live TV as well as Netflix®, Amazon Prime Video®, YouTube®, your favorite sports apps, music services and more — all on a small, sleek, WiFi-enabled box.

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