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Student Internet & WiFi Packages

Learning from home, also known as remote learning, is more common now than ever before as an alternative to attending school in person. Students of all ages, from children just starting out to adults pursuing higher education, have turned to virtual classrooms and/​or online homeschooling. This highly popular world of online schooling requires a solid, reliable internet connection that can support remote learning bandwidth needs. At Breezeline, we’re proud to offer wireless solutions for education you can count on. 

Find out more about our student internet services so you can get equipped with the best tools for distance learning.

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Ways to Use the Internet for Students

For families with kids in the K‑12 age group, the right student WiFi can support students as they join their teachers and classmates virtually for livestreaming classes or advance through self-led homeschool courses. Even for students who still attend in-person school, internet access is essential for completing homework and projects. WiFi for students at home helps close the homework gap so students are less likely to struggle or fall behind in the curriculum due to a lack of internet access. 

Many college students also attend online classes and/​or hybrid classes that take place both online and in person. Whether you’re joining a live class, watching a recorded lecture, or taking an online exam, you need a connection you can count on.

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Benefits of Student Internet Packages

To get the best internet for students of all ages, choose a service that delivers fast, safe, and dependable connectivity.

Speed: Get the speed you need to keep up with your education demands. Choose a plan with the right amount of Megabits per second (Mbps) to accommodate classroom activities and projects. Choose from four stellar plans starting with our Basic plan providing 100 Mbps up to the GigaFast option with 1000 Mbps. Test your speed now to check your current status and get an idea of the Mbps increase you need.

Reliable Connection: You don’t want to deal with lagging or buffering during a virtual lesson or losing a connection during an important online test. WiFi for school from Breezeline keeps your connection going strong whenever you need to tackle schoolwork, day or night.

Security: Especially when kids are going online, safety is a top priority. Keep the whole family and their personal data protected with a secure connection using WiFi Your Way™ Home from Breezeline. Add this feature to your student internet package to block ads and filter out suspicious activity for every device on your network.

Versatility & Functionality: From laptops to tablets to smartphones and more, Breezeline internet services support all the web-enabled devices you use. Look for a plan that fits the number of devices your household uses, too. Our Basic plan is ideal for four to six devices while the GigaFast plan can support 20 or more!

Get broadband for students that serves you beyond the virtual classroom, too. When you want to game or stream media, the same internet you use for education will bring you access to your favorite entertainment.

Student Internet Plans and Pricing: Choose a low-cost internet plan that works for your needs. Discover the options available at Breezeline: our Basic, Fast, UltraFast, and GigaFast plans. The cost of student internet deals with unlimited data varies by location and the plan you choose. Get started today by answering a few questions, and we can help you find a plan that’s right for your needs.

While we do not currently offer student discount internet, we do offer two low cost services for customers experiencing financial hardship. Learn more about our Internet Assist and Internet Assist Plus programs, and contact Breezeline today for more information on getting the internet to support online learning.