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Get a High-Speed Florida Internet, TV and Phone Plan From Breezeline

Are you looking for fast and reliable Internet connectivity in Miami or Palm Beach? If so, we’re Breezeline, and we can help. We know it can be frustrating when you have to deal with connectivity slowdowns, stalled downloads, and pricing plans that are difficult to understand. That’s why we strive to provide our Florida customers fast Internet access and an easy-to-understand bill with all our packages so you can enjoy your favorite shows, work from home, or run your business without worrying about hidden fees.

Florida internet provider Breezeline

We've Got What You Need

High Speed Internet

Have you ever been frustrated by a choppy Internet connection during a video conference for work? Or maybe you’ve worried that streaming your favorite series on the weekend would put you over your data limit? With Breezeline’s blazing fast Internet speeds, unlimited data, and WiFi Your Way™ Home system, we can solve these issues.

Hundreds of Cable TV Channels

In addition to our Internet packages, Breezeline also offers cable TV and phone services. Our packages let you choose from a wide range of local, national, and international channels and stay in contact with friends and family across the country.

Our cable TV packages get you access to a broad selection of local stations in Florida. These include WFOR 4, WTVJ 6, and 7 WSVN 7 in Miami-Dade, and 6 WPTV 5, 7 WFLX 29, and 10 WPBF in Palm Beach County. You also can opt to include dozens of national channels, such as premium movie and sports networks. For Spanish-speaking viewers, we have up to 60 Spanish and international channels in our lineup. In total, you can access up to 400 channels with our diverse bundles.

Spanish Language Programming & Support

At Breezeline, we work hard to tailor our services to the local communities where we’re active. We want to show you that we can respond to your specific needs. In Florida, this means we place a big emphasis on our bilingual customer service offerings. Whether your first language is Spanish or English, you can have your questions or issues promptly answered by a member of our customer service team. Rest assured we are available to help in the case that you experience any difficulties with your Internet or TV packages.

Serving Communities Throughout Florida

Our exciting Internet, TV, and phone packages are available to customers across the Sunshine State. Whether you live in a city like Miami Beach or West Palm Beach or a smaller community like Surfside, Sunrise, or North Bay Village, Breezeline is here to help you get connected with our wireless Internet services.

Finally, Some Good TV

You don’t have to watch that same show for the tenth time on Netflix anymore. With our premium channels and TV packages, you can finally watch those shows everyone’s been talking about.