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Where should I place my Wifi Pods?

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Where should I place my Wifi Pods?

When it comes to getting the best performance out of your network, Wifi Pod placement is everything! While every business has a unique size, shape, and WiFi environment, here are some guidelines for maximizing your speeds.

The size of your workplace

We recommend starting with at least one Wifi Pod for small businesses of 1000 square feet or less, with an additional Wifi Pod for every additional 1,500 square feet. If your office occupies multiple levels or has several separate, enclosed offices, you might want to consider additional coverage.

Be sure to position Wifi Pods in central locations along the interior walls of your business to ensure a strong backhaul connection between each other.

Turn off additional WiFi networks

  • Parallel networks from an upstream router or additional access points increase interference, dramatically decreasing your network's performance.

  • If your secondary network shares an SSID and Password with those of your WiFi Your Way Work network, devices will often become confused and hop between the two networks, hurting their connectivity.

Steer Clear of Furniture

  • Dense padding and metal/wood framing in furniture can inhibit your WiFi performance. Try placing your Wifi Pods in open, exposed areas to improve your WiFi signal. Although be sure to keep your Wifi Pods out of reach from your guests if possible.

  • Similar to how mirrors reflect light, they also reflect WiFi signals, decreasing signal strength. Try to position Wifi Pods to connect around large mirrors and windows, rather than through them.

Avoid placement near appliances and equipment

  • TVs, refrigerators, commercial equipment, and other metal objects will degrade your WiFi signal. Avoid placing Wifi Pods too close to or behind these items.

  • Devices like microwaves, cordless phones, industrial, medical, or scientific equipment often share the same frequency as your WiFi networks, creating additional interference when placed too close to your Wifi Pods.

Work around the construction of your workplace

  • Just like mirrors, energy-efficient windows can negatively impact your WiFi signal.

  • Metallic blinds/shades can also prevent your network from reaching outside areas.

  • Avoid heavy metal doors directly in between your Wifi Pods that can severely impact performance.

  • Reinforced concrete floors and HVAC ducting can prevent WiFi signals from passing between floors in your workplace. Try placing Wifi Pods near stairs where they might have a more direct line of sight between Wifi Pods on other floors.

Avoid making Wifi Pods physically accessible to guests

  • Wifi Pods are easy to unplug from an outlet and may accidentally get unplugged by a guest looking for an outlet or out of simple curiosity.

  • Connecting a device to the Ethernet ports on a Wifi Pod will connect that device to the Secure Zone.

Use outlets that are out of your guests' immediate reach like those closer to the ceiling or behind a counter.

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