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How do I set up the personalized guest portal?

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How do I set up the personalized guest portal?

The captive Guest Portal only takes a few minutes to set up, provided you already have a few things handy. Here's what you'll need before starting:

  • Your company image or logo - Make sure the file you are using is less than 1MB in size and has one of the following extensions .gif, .jpeg, .png, .x-png

  • A text file on your with your company’s “Terms and Conditions” for guest access - You may be also useable to Sample Guest Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions

  • The WiFi Your Way Work App installed and your service up and running

  • Optional - Company website

  • Optional - HTML color codes for your test and background

Setting up the Guest portal in the WiFi Your Way Work App

Navigate to the Settings page by tapping on the gear wheel in the top right of the screen.

  • Tap on the Guest WiFi Network Name.

  • Enter in the Guest WiFi Network Name, enable Guest access, and set a Guest speed limit if you haven't done so already.

  • Tap on Set up guest login portal.

Tap on the Business info button

  • Under Logo, use the Upload button to upload a company logo image stored on your phone.

  • Tap on the fields to enter your Business name, and Footer text.

  • Use the default Terms & Conditions provided OR copy the business Terms and Conditions text onto your phone's clipboard and paste it into the Terms & Conditions field.

  • Scroll back up and tap on the <Back button. Do not tap on the Done button in your browser bar. This will close the browser without saving your changes.

Tap on Login options and choose the methods you want to be used by your guest to log into the guest network.

  • Enable Free WiFi - allows guests to login without providing any information

  • Email - Requires the guest to provide an email address

  • Connect with Facebook - Require the customer to login using Facebook Connect

Tap on Advanced to change Text color, Background color, and set a redirect URL. When finished with these options, tap on the <back button.

Use the Preview button to give your guest portal a try. If you are satisfied, tap on the Publish button to activate the Guest portal or use the <back button to continue making changes.

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