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What is the Breezeline WiFi Your Way Work App for?

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What is the Breezeline WiFi Your Way Work App for?

The App walks you through the creation of your WiFi Your Way Work account and network through a simple setup process. The App is used to manage your network and gives you insight into the health of your network, employee status, and guest analytics. Using the WiFi Your Way Work App, you can do the following from anywhere you have internet access:

  • Change and share your SSIDs and passwords

  • Customize a guest WIFi sign in portal with your company branding, colors, etc.

  • Manage your network from anywhere you have internet access

  • Manage router settings like IP reservations and port forwarding

  • View the number of connected devices on your Guest or Employee zones and their data usage

  • Manage devices connected to the Secure and Employee zones, blocking access to those that you do not recognize or allow them local access

  • View connection status and health of your Wifi Pods

  • Add more Wifi Pods to your network or remove Wifi Pods from your network

  • View usage analytics

In addition, the WiFi Your Way Work App includes the following features:

  • Dynamic view of your network map

  • Rename your Wifi Pods with our Wifi Pod locator function

  • Rename connected devices and assign them to employees

  • Pause Internet access for your employees

  • Run network speed tests

  • Manage security features for your network and content filtering for your employees

  • Receive notifications on system updates and newly released product features

We release updates to the App frequently, so check to make sure that you have the latest version.

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