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Can I set up my own guest portal, where my customers can access the guest zone?

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Can I set up my own guest portal, where my customers can access the guest zone?

Sure! The captive Guest Portal only takes a few minutes to set up, provided you already have a few things readily available. Here's what you'll need before starting:

  • Image or logo - Make sure the file you are using is less than 1MB in size (PNGs should be less than 100KB and 400x200-400 pixels in size. The follow image file types are acceptable:

  • image/gif

  • image/jpeg

  • image/jpeg

  • image/png

  • image/x-png

  • Text file with Terms and Conditions for guest access - If you have customized your Terms and Conditions, you can upload them. You may also review the default Terms and Conditions and use those if you wish.

  • The WiFi Your Way Work App

  • Optional - Company website (your company logo can be pulled from here)

  • Optional - HTML color codes for your test and background

Setting up the Guest portal in the WiFi Your Way Work App is easy:

  • Navigate to the Settings page by tapping on the gear button (in the top right corner on iOS devices).

  • Tap on your guest network name.

  • Tap on “Set up guest login portal” at the bottom

  • Tap on the Business info button.
    • Under Logo, use the Upload button to upload an image stored on your phone. If you have a company website, you can use the Scan website URL option to automatically search your website for an appropriate photo. Use the slider to resize the image.

    • Tap on the fields to enter your Business name, and Footer text.

    • Open the file with your “Terms & Conditions” copy the text into your phone's clipboard and paste it into the Terms & Conditions field or you may leave the default terms in place.

  • Scroll back up and tap on the <Back button. Do not tap on the Done button in your browser bar. This will close the browser without saving your changes.

  • Tap on Login options and choose the methods you want to be used by your guest to log into the guest network.

  • Again, tap on the <Back button.

  • Tap on Advanced to change Text color, Background color, and set a redirect URL. This may be used to send a customer to your company website as a starting point.

  • When finished with these options, tap on the <back button.

  • Use the Preview button to give your guest portal a try. If you are satisfied, tap on the Publish button to activate the Guest portal or use the <back button to continue making changes.

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