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Unlock Breezeline’s Fiber-Powered Network

Have you ever waited several minutes for a large file to upload when you’re on deadline? Has your internet connection dropped out right as it was your turn to present? Breezeline’s ultra-fast, fiber-backed network can help. It’s time to discover the unmatched speed, efficiency, and reliability of fiber.

The power of fiber-optics

Breezeline's fiber-powered network is the internet your home needs to handle all your household's devices. Discover the fastest upload speeds and virtually no buffering.

Ultra-Fast Uploads

Fiber cables send data up to 1,000x faster and boast 25x faster uploads than copper cables for seamless 4k gaming, speedy downloads, and ultra-efficient data uploads.


Bad weather is no match for fiber, providing a much more reliable connection compared to coaxial cables that often fall victim to extreme temperatures, strong winds, or heavy rain.


Fiber cables are extremely difficult to extract data from, so you can rest assured your network is secure. Our WiFi Your Way™ product backed by our fiber-backed network also provides Parental Controls and device security.

Fiber cable

Massive Capacity

Fiber has higher bandwidth capacity, accommodating more devices and data-intensive apps simultaneously without a drop in performance.

Man at computer

Ultra-Low Latency

Fiber delivers the smoothest video connection on the market and ultra-low lag when streaming, gaming, and more.

Coworkers working on conference table


Fiber is extremely hard to tap into, making it the elite choice for businesses and government organizations.

Technicians working in server room

Ultra-Low Maintenance

Fiber-optic cables require less maintenance and are less susceptible to wear and tear.

Fiber network cable

Energy Efficiency

Fiber-optic connections consume less energy than coaxial networks, contributing to energy savings and more

Unlimited binging, gaming, and working at the speed you need

The competitive advantage

Whether you’re working from home or at your office building, having a fiber internet connection is a must. A fast and reliable internet connection can provide a competitive advantage as it enables workers to adopt advanced technologies, improve customer service, and respond to opportunities quickly.

Ultra-fast upload speeds

Traditional wired internet takes exceptionally longer to upload data to your computer compared to a fiber-powered connection. Fiber supplies upload speeds up to 25 times faster than cable, powered by the low latency and reliability of fiber.