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We’re focused on great internet, while T‑Mobile focuses on their cell customers.

Our home internet is just plain better, more reliable and faster because we put internet first. If there’s network congestion, we won’t slow your internet down like T‑Mobile does to help their cell customers.

A television with the HBO Max app’s dashboard, an open laptop displaying a video, and a WiFi Pod.

Our internet speed is 10x faster than T‑Mobile.

Our fiber-powered network brings you speeds up to 1 GIG. While T‑Mobile’s fastest speed is only 100 Mbps.

Woman streaming cooking show from her kitchen.

We have 99.9% network reliability, and they don’t.

Time of day, weather or even streaming in a basement won’t affect our superior service. Because we have real internet, backed by our fiber-powered network, and T‑Mobile just has a 5G cellular network.

Boy using VR headset in bedroom.

We give you 2x the peace of mind.

No contracts. No data caps. No hidden fees. Plus, we give you risk-free switching with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee, while T‑Mobile only offers new customers a 15-day test drive.

Girl using iPad in bedroom.

We get you to ALL your favorite shows. T‑Mobile falls short.

Our Stream TV technology is compatible with all streaming services. Meanwhile, T‑Mobile internet doesn’t support Hulu or Sling.

TV showing TiVo on Breezeline

Breezeline Internet: A better choice than T-Mobile

Our fiber-powered network brings you reliable, fast internet with speeds up to 1 GIG, so you can enjoy crystal clear calls, game without lagging and say goodbye to buffering and dead zones. See what’s possible now.