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What Breezeline equipment may need a battery backup unit?

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What Breezeline equipment may need a battery backup unit?

A Breezeline Gateway installed at your home to provide Home Phone Service will not work if the electric power is interrupted and the gateway does not have a functioning battery backup. There may be other Breezeline Home Phone equipment at your home that will not work during a power outage if your home is served directly by Fiber.

Please note that the battery will not provide backup power for our Internet access service. You can purchase backup power solutions from third parties, such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that can power up your gateway and Home Phone Service, but please note that many UPS devices only last for a short time period, especially when used to power multiple devices.

Please remember that if your phone or phone base requires power, they will not work without power in spite of having a battery for the gateway.

For all questions regarding battery backup, please Contact Us.

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