How do I set my personal recording preferences when scheduling recordings with Ultra TV?

From the Smart Menu, go to the Recorded TV card using the left arrow on the remote, then use the up and down arrows on the remote to highlight Scheduler. Press "OK" on the remote to view cancelled and deleted recordings, programs scheduled to record, series options, recording defaults, and recording space. To manage recording preferences, use the left and right arrows on the remote to highlight "Recording Defaults." Press the "OK" button to access the following recording preferences: stop - ability to extend recordings, keep - how long to keep the recording on the hard drive, episode limit - ability to limit the amount of episode from a series, accept - set to repeats or only first-run episodes, and start - manage start time for recordings. To manage any of the option use the up and down arrows and the "OK" button.

Recording defaults can also be managed through the Settings card in the Smart Menu.

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