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I have a TiVo Smartbox: what can I do on the app?

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I have a TiVo Smartbox: what can I do on the app?

If you have a TiVo Smartbox and no TiVo DVR, you can still enjoy using the Breezeline TV Online app. There are some differences in functionality to be aware of, however. SmartBox users are able to:

  • Watch On Demand

  • Search with categories like: On TV Today, Sports, Movies, TV Series, and Kids .

  • Save titles to watch later.

  • Bookmark new favorites with “What to Watch” for personalized recommendations of what to watch.

  • Search by keyword, TV show, movie or actor.

  • Control your TV with your mobile device. Find what you want on the app and then fling it to your TV.

Please be aware, the following features are not available:

  • Watch from any device in your home.

  • Schedule recordings with the app when you are on the go.

  • Download your favorite shows to go and watch when you are away from home.

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