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Replacing your Stream TV Box

If you determine that you need to replace your Stream TV Box, please follow these steps:

  • Contact Customer Support to arrange for a new Stream TV Box to be shipped to you.

  • Go to Breezeline Returns and follow the instructions for returning your previous Stream TV equipment.
    • If navigating to the page from it will be located under My Services in the My Account dropdown.

    • An equipment return can be initiated with a Smartphone, i.e. iPhone or Android Phone, or a Tablet, iPad or Computer.

    • A return shipping label will be generated. Any cardboard box can be used with the return shipping label.

    • Be sure to include the Stream TV Box, power cord, remote control (remove batteries), and cables in the cardboard box to be returned to Breezeline. A new remote, power cord, cables, etc. will come with your replacement box.

If you need further assistance with returning your previous Stream TV equipment, please Contact Us.

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