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Can I set Parental Controls on my Stream TV Box?

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Can I set Parental Controls on my Stream TV Box?

Parental controls on Stream TV help you make sure your family has access to only those shows you want them to watch. When parental controls are turned on, a lock icon will appear on the home screen next to the Menu. When you turn off parental controls, anyone can view any shows or movies.

To turn parental controls on/off:

  • From the TiVo Home screen, choose the Menu icon and then Parental & Purchase Controls.
  • To turn Parental Controls on/off, select Parental Controls, enter a four digit PIN, then enter the same PIN again for confirmation.

  • Parental Controls will show “On – Unlocked.”

  • Press OK to enable Parental Controls and it will show “On – Locked.”

  • When accessing a “locked” program, enter the four digit PIN to unlock it. Note: Parental Controls will then stay unlocked for 4 hours. You can return to the Parental & Purchase Controls menu to relock the Parental Controls at any time.

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