How do I use Google Assistant for Voice Search on my Stream TV Box?

Press the Google Assistant button on your remote to search live TV, jump to a show, open an app, or get recommendations to match your mood. You can even use Google Assistant to get answers on-screen and control your smart home devices.

  1. While viewing any TiVo menu or watching TV, press and release the Google Assistant button on the remote.

  2. Ask Google to find shows, actors, genres, and more. Try the following:
    1. “Play Bob’s Burgers”

    2. “Show me Matt Damon movies”

    3. “Find romantic movies”

    4. “Show me basketball games”

    5. “Open Netflix.”

Note: To use Google Assistant, you must be logged in with a Google Account and your remote must be paired correctly with your Stream TV Box. If your voice is not being recognized, you may need to re-pair it. You can re-pair it by pressing the TiVo button, then selecting Menu (LEFT) / Settings / Remote Settings / Pair your remote with your box.

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