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How can I activate call forwarding on my Android device?

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How can I activate call forwarding on my Android device?

Activating call forwarding on your Android device is a breeze.

Find and open the “Phone” app on your Android device. You can typically locate this app by its phone icon on your home screen or in the app drawer.

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Depending on your device and Android version:

  1. Look for three dots, a gear icon, or an ellipsis icon in the upper-right corner of the Phone app. Tap on it and select “Settings.”
    Some devices may have a “Settings” option within the Phone app, often represented as a gear icon.
  2. In the Phone settings, search for an option related to “Call settings,” “Calling accounts,” or “Advanced settings.” The wording may vary, but focus on settings related to calls.
  3. Once in the call settings section, locate an option named “Call Forwarding” or a similar term.
  4. Toggle the switch or select the option to enable call forwarding.
  5. After enabling call forwarding, enter the complete phone number to which you want calls forwarded, including the area code and any necessary prefixes.
  6. Once you’ve entered the forwarding number, save your settings. Your calls will now be forwarded to the specified number.

Please note that the exact steps and terminology may vary based on your device’s manufacturer and Android version. If you face any challenges, consult your device’s user manual or contact our Mobile Customer Care at 855-811-5188 for assistance.

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