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What is a magic link?

Magic links are a one-time use link that is sent to a user during an authentication process, like signing into an application. During the sign-in process with the WiFi Your Way Home application, you can use a magic link in lieu of a password to authenticate and sign into your WiFi Your Way Home application.

  • After you enter your email address at Sign in, select the "Next" button and an email is generated with a magic link token - you will see “We’ll send a magic link to this email for quick verification.”

  • You will be sent an email that contains a one-time use token with a 24 hour expiration.

  • You will tap the Sign in button contained in the email and you will then be authenticated and the WiFi Your Way Home application sign in process is complete.

  • You can use the magic link process in lieu of the password process at any time.

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