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What does the LED light on my pod mean?

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What does the LED light on my pod mean?

The LED light on your pod(s) can represent different situations.

If there is NO LED light

  • It is normal for the LED light to not be on. When you initially plug any pod into an outlet, the LED light should always turn solid for a moment, will slowly pulse while trying to connect and will then turn off once connected.

  • If there is no light when you first plug in the pod, please check your outlet with another appliance or device to ensure it has power.

If there is a blinking LED light (green)

  • If the LED light is quick and repeating double blinks, the pod is optimising, which takes approximately 2-3 minutes, depending on how many pods are connected. A pod will optimise due to a change in your environment, such as high levels of interference. This will also occur overnight immediately after your initial setup.

If the LED light is a quick double blink, your pod is being named by scanning the pod.

If the LED light is a slow continuous pulse or dim to bright, it could mean of the following situations:

  • The pod is being added to the account and establishing a connection to the cloud
    • The pulsing should stop once it’s fully connected

  • The pod lost its connection to your network
    • This could be a result of extremely poor signal to the other pods, especially if the other pods are still online and you have not lost internet connectivity

  • Internet connectivity has been lost. If this is the case, you should receive a notification stating “Network is offline” within your WiFi Your Way App

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