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Before You Begin

  • If you are setting up multiple products today, complete the setup of your gateway first.
  • If you are installing TiVo® too, you will want to set up your gateway near the TV where you will install your TiVo device.

Follow These Easy Instructions To Set Up Your New Internet Service.




Under 20 Minutes


Note: If you have ordered Breezeline phone service, you will also need a phone cord, which will be included.

Click here to download Phone Installation Instruction Guide


Follow these steps to connect your new gateway, the all-in-one device that allows you to utilize both wired and wireless (WiFi) devices.

  1. Locate cable wall outlet (coax) in a central location in your home. It will look like this:
  2. Connect coax cable from the wall to gateway A (insert into connector and turn barrel to tighten).
  3. Connect power cord from gateway to the wall outlet B. The gateway will update once powered on, which could take 10-15 minutes and your device may reboot. Once the top light is glowing steady, it’s ready to use.If you’re connecting a wired device, use the Ethernet cord provided from the gateway to the back of the device C.
  4. Note: If you’re connecting Breezeline phone service, use the phone cord to connect your phone to the gateway D. Click here to download Phone Installation Instruction Guide


To connect to your new WiFi network, you can keep the default WiFi network names and password OR you can rename them. To connect to the default WiFi network:

  1. Look for the label on the bottom of your gateway (example shown here). You’ll see both 2.4GHz and 5GHz “SSIDs” (5G SSID is in the yellow box), as well as a “Pre-Shared Key” or password (Pre-Shared Key for both networks in the blue box).
  2. Go to “Settings” on a smartphone or laptop./li>
  3. Locate the unique 5G SSID on your gateway, and then select it from your available WiFi networks list. If you don’t see the 5G SSID listed, select the 2.4G SSID instead. Then input the password or “Pre-Shared Key” from your label. Your device is now connected to your home WiFi network!
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to connect all the wireless devices in your home to your new WiFi network.

Note: To rename your new WiFi networks, please CLICK HERE for further instructions.

If you require assistance, call our Customer Support Team at 1-844-579-0697.