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Can I use a modem I own with my Breezeline High-Speed Internet Service?

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Can I use a modem I own with my Breezeline High-Speed Internet Service?

Unless you are within a Fiber service area or have WiFi Your Way™, you are welcome to use your own modem. However, we recommend leasing a Breezeline modem for the following reasons:

First, a leased modem is required for Breezeline Phone Services to function and if you have more than one TV, it is recommended you lease a modem. Additionally, WiFi Your Way™ service is only available for customers with a leased modem or gateway.

Second, the fee for a leased modem not only covers the rental of the equipment, but also covers any costs associated with the repair or replacement of that equipment, including the service fee for a technician to come to your home if necessary. Remote troubleshooting options are limited should you experience connection issues and if a purchased modem completely stops functioning, a new one will need to be purchased, but if a Breezeline modem or gateway needs to be replaced, it will be, at no additional charge.

Third, Breezeline guarantees that leased equipment will deliver the speeds you are purchasing. Equipment matures rapidly, and purchased modems will need to be replaced as new technologies emerge. If a leased modem no longer supports your speed, you will be eligible to swap your equipment at no additional cost.

Click here for a list of approved modems that will work with the Breezeline network.

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