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Spanish Language / Latino TV Channels

Nothing can be more relaxing than curling up on the couch with your favorite program. When you’re ready for some entertainment, it’s essential to choose a provider that offers the content you need, regardless of language. Breezeline provides some of the most prominent programs in English and Spanish. Starting with the basic Local+ package, you can watch all the essential television, movies, and news channels from various Spanish-speaking countries worldwide.

You can customize your viewing experience by choosing from various programming packages that curate what channels you can access. Get the best news, sports, and movie channels that offer exclusive content for subscribers by choosing any of Breezeline’s additional packages.

Watch Your Favorite Spanish Language Programming with Breezeline

Breezeline is happy to bring you over a dozen unmissable Spanish language content channels in every subscription package. You can upgrade to the Variety+ or Family+ packages to access even more premium Spanish language content channels to enjoy together with your family and friends.

Breezeline has curated the best content to bring you all the latest can't-miss television shows from popular markets like Mexico, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. This varied and inclusive selection of Spanish language channels includes popular channels from each country, plus different content types, such as family-friendly channels, sports channels, and movie channels, to satisfy each customer.

Die-hard sports fans can keep up with their favorite teams and watch all the biggest matches and games with popular channels like Fox Deportes and ESPN Deportes included in your subscription. You can also stay updated on world events with around-the-clock coverage from Telemundo and Univision.

Upgrade to LATINX+

For those who can't get enough of their favorite Spanish television, Breezeline offers LATINX+, with over 35 additional channels in Spanish, for only $9.99 per month. Fifteen of these channels are available in HD. With this unprecedented breadth of content, you can find something for everyone. You can access educational content to watch with all your family members, with channels such as Discovery en Español and History en Español. Kids will love Disney XD en Español and ¡Sorpresa! This package features movie channels that include Viendo Movies HD and Cine Mexicano for movie buffs.

Breezeline has collected the essential channels and content to satisfy even the most voracious telenovela lover. As a result, you never have to miss an episode of your favorite drama. This upgrade includes news and current events, with channels that encompass WAPA América and EWTN Español. Specific offerings can vary by region, so check with your Breezeline representative about what channels you can access with your premium LATINX+ subscription. You can also check your ZIP code with Breezeline for a precise lineup of available channels.

Switch to Breezeline today for more content you want to view at a better rate, plus upgrade to LATINX+ to access all the best Latin programming worldwide. Breezeline will allow you to combine unmissable TV with your regular English television offerings and unparalleled high-speed Internet service.