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Are you a Breezeline customer?

Refer friends and family and you’ll each earn a $50 statement credit when they sign up!

Forward the email

If you haven’t already, forward the email you may have received containing your unique referral code to anyone who is not currently a Breezeline customer.

Enjoy your savings

You will each earn a $50 statement credit on your bill once your referral has been an active Breezeline customer for 90 days.

No limit

There is no cap on how many people you can refer, so spread the word near and far!

Did you receive a referral code from a friend or family member?

Sign up for Breezeline service and enter the referral code at checkout. Remain active for 90 days and get your $50 statement credit! It’s that easy.


These terms and conditions (“Terms”) apply to the Breezeline Refer-A-Friend program (“Refer-A-Friend Program” or “Program”). By referring a customer, activating Breezeline service(s) or otherwise participating under the Program, the referring customer (“Referrer”) and referred new customer (“Referred Customer”), as the case may be, agree to these Terms.

Program Enrollment

To refer customers and receive a Program Reward (as defined in below) under the Program, the Referrer and Referred Customer must enroll in the Program and agree to the Program Terms. To enroll in the Program, the Referrer must receive a unique referral code (“Referral Code”) from Breezeline by e-mail. Once the Referral Code is received by the Referred Customer, the Referred Customer must enroll in the Program by signing up for a Qualifying Service (as defined below), entering the Referral Code, accepting the Program Terms, and providing all required information.

All orders for Qualifying Services made by a Referring Customer using a Referral Code must be made through, or by calling Breezeline at 844-574-8435. Only referrals which follow the Program ordering procedures and satisfy all Rewards criteria shall be eligible for a Reward.

Referrers may not promote the Program through paid media, such as billboards, banner advertisements, or sponsored search results. Referrers may not enter into an arrangement with any third party that compensates that third party for promoting the Program or referrals. New Referred Customers may only activate one individual customer referral before ordering qualifying services.

Eligibility; Services:

Rewards are only available to Breezeline residential customers who are 18 years of age or older with a Breezeline account in good standing. To receive a Reward, the Referrer and Referred Customer must enroll in the Program; the Referrer must refer a new customer who is not an employee of Breezeline; the Referred Customer must activate/install Qualifying Service(s); and all other Program and Reward criteria must be satisfied. Under no circumstances shall a Breezeline employee be eligible to receive a Reward as a new customer, nor shall a Referrer be eligible for a Reward for referring a Breezeline employee as a new customer. Breezeline may at any time change the Qualifying Service(s) required to receive a Reward under the Program. By participating in the Program, the Referrer and Referred Customer agree that Breezeline may share their name, service installation status and date and other information with the Referrer and/or Referred Customer and others, including third-party providers, for the purpose of administering the Program.

Reward Requirements:

In order for the Referrer and new Referred Customer to receive a Reward, the Referrer must refer a Referred Customer for a Qualifying Service (as defined below) and the Referred Customer must:

• Be a new Breezeline residential customer. The Referred Customer must not have been a customer of any Breezeline service, including without limitation any Qualifying Service(s) or any level of Qualifying Services.

• Activate the referral by entering the Referral Code, accept Program terms and conditions, and enter all requested information before ordering Qualifying Service(s).

• Install/activate all Qualifying Service(s) at the same address under the Breezeline Agreement for Residential Services; and

• Maintain the Qualifying Service(s) for at least the first 90 consecutive days after activating the Qualifying Service(s), with a Breezeline account in good standing.

If any Qualifying Service(s) are cancelled, downgraded or changed during the above-referenced 90-day period, the Reward (if any), shall be determined by the remaining Qualifying Service(s) which satisfy the Program and Rewards criteria.


Under the Program, eligible Referrers and Referred Customers satisfying all Program and Reward eligibility criteria shall each receive a reward in the amount of a $50 statement credit (“Reward”). The type and amount of the Reward shall be determined by Breezeline and is subject to change in Breezeline’s sole discretion. Subject to the satisfaction of the Program and Reward eligibility criteria, Rewards are awarded only for referrals of the following Breezeline residential services: Breezeline high speed Internet service, including wireless Internet and email service (“Internet Service”), Breezeline broadcast and cable television and digital music service (“Video Service”), and Breezeline Home Phone over Internet protocol service (“Home Phone Service”) (each a “Qualifying Service” and collectively, “Qualifying Service(s)”).

Reward Fulfillment:

No Rewards for the Referrer and Referred Customer will be issued until after the Referred Customer installs and continues Qualifying Services for the 90-day period with an account in good standing. Breezeline’s tracking of referrals, orders and installation status shall determine if and when a Reward is to be issued. Subject to the satisfaction of all Program and Rewards criteria, the Reward will be applied to the Referrer and Referred Customer’s respective monthly invoices within 120 days after the Referred Customer’s Qualifying Service has been active for 90 days. Once the Reward is applied, the applicable customer shall receive an e-mail notification of such application. To be considered a customer in good standing, a Referred Customer is required to pay all Breezeline invoices in full when due for services during the 90-day period.

General Provisions:

A Referrer and/or Referred Customer may be required to provide information about the other such as name and address in order to validate the referral and Reward eligibility.

Referral Codes may not be combined with other referral codes or similar programs. Breezeline employees who are responsible for selling Breezeline Services and/or products, including

services and/or products of Breezeline Business, as well as Breezeline third party contractors, vendors and agents and their employees (including but not limited to those engaged in sales for Breezeline and/or Breezeline Business) and all others with whom they are domiciled, (collectively referred to as “Sales Agents”), which Sales Agents shall be determined by Breezeline in its sole discretion, are not eligible to participate in the Program or receive any Rewards, discounts or other promotional offers under the Program for referring a customer, being referred as a customer, or otherwise.

Property owners, sales agents, managers, leasing/rental agents, and landlords, and their respective agents, employees or contractors, of apartments, townhouses, condominiums or other types of multiple dwelling units are not eligible to participate in the Program or receive any Rewards, discounts or other promotional offers under the Program or for referring a customer who rents, purchases or otherwise obtains a unit owned, managed, leased and/or maintained by such person.

Breezeline reserves the right to change these Terms, Rewards and eligibility criteria under the Program, and to alter, modify, suspend or terminate the Program or any component thereof at any time upon notice, which notice may be provided through the Breezeline website, mail, e-mail or such other methods as determined by Breezeline in its sole discretion.

The Program is void all areas where prohibited.