We’ve recently informed you of rate changes taking effect on September 1, 2022. These adjustments are due to factors such as rising inflation, fuel and shipping costs; supply chain shortages that have made it increasingly expensive to get the equipment we need to service our customers. At the same time, we continue to invest in enhancements to serve you better, including:

  • Investments in our state-of-the-art, high-capacity fiber network to provide redundancy, faster internet and enhanced reliability needed for work-from-home, distance learning, telemedicine, gaming and more. Over $120 million was invested in 2021 to expand and maintain the Breezeline network.
  • An enhanced customer experience including the “My Breezeline” app to help you manage your account; streamlined, easy-to-understand billing; more ways to get support; and more customer support agents.

A key factor driving video costs are increases to the fees charged by local broadcasters and cable networks, including retransmission fees and TV sports rights (see below):

TV Sports Rights

Nationally, TV sports rights have increased from $9.92 per customer per month in 2010 to $23 in 2021. Both cable and broadcast networks pay billions of dollars a year to bring you live games. They then charge TV providers like Breezeline higher fees, which has a significant impact on your monthly bill.

Graph of increasing price of TV sports rights

7 Media Giants Own Most TV Networks

A few media giants own more than 90% of popular cable TV networks on our lineups. They use their size to demand higher fees and to impose distribution requirements on TV providers like Breezeline. While they continue to demand higher fees, we continue to work hard to keep costs under control for you.

Graph showing size of the 7 media giants ownership of TV networks

Broadcast Retransmission Fees

Broadcast TV stations charge TV providers fees for permission to carry their stations. Nationally, the monthly retransmission fee per customer has increased from $.97 in 2010 to $13 in 2021. While we can’t control these fees, we work hard to negotiate the best deal that we can on your behalf.

Graph displaying rising retranmission fees over the last decade

Sources: tvonmyside.com/breezeline and S&P Market intelligence