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We recently informed you about price changes effective in March 2024. Please keep reading for more information on the factors contributing to these increases and ways you can save.

We’re Here to Help

While we work to manage our business costs on behalf of our customers, we do not control TV content costs.

We also know that some customers would like the flexibility to subscribe to a smaller bundle of channels or choose services on an individual basis to limit costs; however, this is something we are unable to offer at this time due to restrictions imposed by broadcasters and cable networks.

Here are some ways you can save on your monthly bills. If you are a residential customer and would prefer to discontinue your TV service, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

AutoPay & EcoSave

You can save money by enrolling in AutoPay & EcoSave (paperless billing) and receive up to a $10 discount on your monthly bill. Easily enroll by signing into your online account.

Account Review

Our Account Specialists are available to review your account and ensure your services meet your needs. They are standing by via chat or by calling 855.485.5193. For Business Support, please call 877.435.2227. If you wish to easily discontinue your TV service, you can do so here.

Voice Your Concerns

We always strive to provide our customers with the best service possible and will continue to negotiate with our TV partners on your behalf. We also encourage you to share your concerns and feedback about these increases here.

Factors Driving Up TV Costs

Breezeline does not own or control the costs of TV content.

Cable networks and broadcast TV stations fees have been escalating at an unprecedented rate with the cost of network programming and securing TV rights for live sports being the primary drivers. Read more below.

Broadcast Fees Rising at Staggering Rate

In recent years, the fees TV stations charge providers to retransmit their signals have experienced a huge 24% increase annually. To put this into perspective, while the cost of a gallon of milk has risen by an average of 1.4% per year from 2010 to 2022, local TV station fees have surged at a rate 17 times higher. If the price of milk had followed the same trajectory, it would now amount to a staggering $42.38 per gallon. This highlights the exorbitant growth in TV station fees compared to everyday consumer goods. (1)

Unprecedented Costs for Live TV Sports

The cost of sports programming on TV has reached unprecedented heights, with broadcast and cable networks paying billions of dollars to secure the rights to air live games, leading to much higher costs for customers. In addition, the majority of broadcast stations and cable networks that carry sports content insist on their channels being included in the most popular service levels, compelling nearly everyone to pay for sports programming, regardless of their interest in it. (2)

Broadcast Stations Offset Advertising Losses with Fees

The financial model of broadcast TV relies on generating revenue through advertising and charging cable providers, such as Breezeline, for carrying their programming. Because of a decline in TV station advertising revenue, broadcasters are compensating by placing greater emphasis on the fees they impose on Breezeline and other TV providers for retransmitting their content. (3)

Consolidation of Cable Network Ownership Driving Cost Increase

A small number of cable network owners hold significant control over the cost of TV service from providers like Breezeline. This concentration of ownership allows these companies to dictate which channels are carried on TV lineups and the prices customers pay for their TV services. (4)

To keep Breezeline’s fast and reliable internet but discontinue TV services, please click here to submit your request. This option is only available for residential customers at this time.

Voice your feedback here and our leadership team will share it with our content providers.

If you choose to retain Breezeline's lightning-fast internet while discontinuing Breezeline TV service, you can take advantage of alternative video service options for sports, news, and more.


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2. Per customer TV sports fees. SNL Kagan, Statista Annual Reports 1/22 as reported by TV on My Side

3. © 2023 S&P Market Intelligence as reported by TV on My Side. Average 2023 projected retransmission fee of $3.89 per station for four stations.

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