Seasonal Plan

Leaving is never easy. But it should be simple.

Leaving is never easy but it should be simple

  • Stay connected - keep your security system and cameras active.
  • Save money - reduce monthly plan costs and no installation or reactivation fees upon your return.
  • Save time - keep your equipment and easily restore your services - no appointment necessary.
  • Keep your email address and phone number.
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Our Seasonal Plan is designed with our part-time residents in mind, creating a simple and convenient way to put your Internet, TV and/or Phone services on pause when you leave and easily re-activate your services when you are ready to come back - without an appointment.

Keep your equipment, email address, and phone number. Your security system, cameras or thermostat will remain active with the plan's maintained Internet and Phone services so you can feel secure while you are away.

Just provide us with your departure and return dates and we'll do the rest! Once registered, this program does not require an installation, a tech visit, or even a phone call. When you return to your home, your Breezeline services will be working the same as when you left. It's that simple. We will do everything for you.

Seasonal Plan

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