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Let’s get moving

Moving is all about planning – and the sooner you start, the better!

Follow these helpful tips to make your moving experience a breeze.

8 weeks before your move

Moving is all about planning! Start a checklist with all your “to-dos” and place important documents like birth certificates, passports, and contracts into a folder.

If you haven’t already done so, contact moving companies and cleaners.

Cartoon picture of a woman reviewing notes

7 weeks before your move

Boxes, boxes, boxes! Start gathering them up. And remember, you can never have enough!

Man holding moving box

6 weeks before your move

Schedule utility service disconnections at your current residence and connections at your new address. Make sure to overlap them by a few days just to be safe!

Start packing up items you won’t need right away (like winter sweaters in July).

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5 weeks before your move

Request time off from work or school for your moving day.

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4 weeks before your move

Don’t forget to file a change-of-address form with the Post Office!

Continue to pack and label your boxes.

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3 weeks before your move

Does your car need an oil change? Tire rotation? Schedule those services now—especially if you’re making a long-distance move.

Munch on food from your pantry, fridge, and freezer so you’ll have less to move. Don’t throw out non-perishable items! Support your local food bank.

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2 weeks before your move

Notify your bank, insurance company, and other important contacts about your move. Share your new address with family and friends.

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1 week before your move

Your packing should be almost done by now. Woo hoo! Start disassembling furniture and prepping larger items for the move.

Fill a backpack with moving day essentials including credit cards, mobile phones, reservation documents, toiletries, snacks, and water.

Cartoon image of movers moving a couch

1 day before your move

Unplug and prepare major appliances (don’t forget to empty and defrost the refrigerator!).

Get plenty of sleep for the big day ahead!

Cartoon image of person unplugging a plug from a outlet

Moving Day!

Do a final walkthrough to make sure nothing has been left behind.

Turn off all lights and lock up.

If you’re using movers, double-check the paperwork and make sure they have the correct address.

Arrive at your new residence and start unpacking (or maybe just wait a day—you’ve earned it!).

Cartoon of couple taking keys ready to move into new home
Family moving into a new house

Surrounded by empty boxes?

You can always recycle them—and you should! But before giving those cardboard heroes new lives as napkins, towels or paper plates, get a little creative first.

Boy sitting inside a cardboard box castle

Make a Super Duper Cool Fort

From simple to complex, the only limit is your imagination. Scissors and tape also help!

Dog laying down in moving box

Pamper Your Pets

Make an indoor dog house for Fido (your little puppers deserves it!). And for kitty? A cardboard scratching post. Your cat—and your furniture—will thank you.

Cardboard boxes filled of different kinds of hardware

Get Organized

Empty drawers attract clutter. Creating handy cardboard dividers is an easy way to keep the chaos away!

Person watering their garden

Tend Your Garden

Since cardboard is made from trees, it’s a great source of carbon. You can actually use it for garden mulch to boost your soil quality. That’s a green thumb’s up!

Man smiling talking on the phone

Cash Out

Not feeling creative? Sell your boxes instead. Companies will actually pay for your used boxes! Check around online and get put some cash back into your pocket!