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International Call Rates

Learn everything you need to know about international and long distance phone services from Breezeline with the answers to these frequently asked questions.

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Can I make international calls?

Yes, with Breezeline as your phone service provider, calling abroad is easy. You can affordably make calls to over 200 countries around the world, and you don’t even need a separate international call plan. Anyone with Breezeline internet and Home Phone service plan can make international calls for an additional cost. Explore the above table for a full list of countries and their rates.

What are international call rates?

International calling rates are the fees involved with making calls outside of the country. These rates may vary depending on which country you’re calling and whether you’re calling another landline or a mobile number.

Please note that the current rates are subject to change and calls that use an operator or call processing system may incur additional costs.

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Are international rates by the minute?

Yes, international service rates are charged by the minute, which makes it easy to calculate the total cost of a call based on its duration. When estimating the price of a call, keep in mind that call durations are rounded up to the next whole minute, so even if your call lasts five minutes and 36 seconds, you’ll be charged for six minutes.

What is the international call cost per minute?

Breezeline’s low international call rates let you stay in touch with family, friends and business associates without breaking the bank.

There isn’t a standard rate per minute for all international calls – they vary by call destination. Use our table to locate the country you want to call, and you’ll find both the landline and mobile rate per country code.

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Are there additional fees for domestic long distance calls?

No; unlike international calls, you won’t have to pay additional long distance calling rates. With your Breezeline Home Phone service plan, you get unlimited long distance calls as long as they’re within the U.S.

Contact Breezeline today to find the right plan for you and get support and answers to your questions about our telephone features.

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