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CABLE COMPATABILITY. Most modern television receivers and VCRs are cable compatible and can receive the analog television signals carried on the cable system if those signals have not been encoded to secure the signal. Cable ready television sets may be connected directly to the cable system and will receive the un-secure analog signals present on the system. Television receivers will not receive the digital or HDTV signals carried on the cable system without a set top unit provided by the cable company. A set top unit may also be required if the television receiver is not cable ready and cannot receive the large number of channels available on the cable system.

ABOUT YOUR SET TOP UNIT. Even if your television receiver is cable compatible or cable ready, you will still need a set top unit to receive secure analog signals, digital signals, or HDTV signals that are carried on the cable system. Secure analog signals and digital signals are premium services that have been secured by the cable system and are delivered only to those subscribers who elect to have them as part of their service package. These include movie channels, special events, video on demand events, and other premium service offerings. The set top unit is simply a tuner. It receives the cable channel selected by the subscriber and converts it to a format that can be received by the subscriber's television set or VCR. This converted signal is usually displayed on channel 3 or 4 on the subscriber's television or VCR. Some set top units also provide video and audio outputs, which can be connected to the video and audio inputs of the subscriber's devices if they are present.

Operating your television receiver after it is connected to the cable television system is easy. Turn on your television receiver and the cable set top unit. Ensure your television receiver is tuned to the proper channel to receive the signals from the set top box (this will be either channel 3 or 4 or the video input). Select the channel you wish to watch by selecting it on the set top box using the remote control. To ensure reliable operation, ensure the set top box is plugged into a non-switched power outlet (one which is not controlled by a light switch). Loss of power to the set top unit may result in a temporary loss of your cable television service.

NOTE: The set top box and remote control device are the property of the cable television company and must be returned when you are no longer a subscriber.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT. If a set top box is installed for your cable television service, special equipment is available to make your cable service compatible with your existing home electronics equipment. This equipment may require a custom installation fee and/or a monthly lease fee.

BYPASS SWITCHES. This switch is installed on the input side ofthe set top box to permit signals to bypass the set top box and be routed directly to your television receiver or VCR.

This will permit the simultaneous recording and viewing of different non-secure programs, the consecutive recording of non-secure programming on different channels, and the use of picture in picture features for non-secure channels. This switch may be part of your set top box of it may be a separate device.

CUSTOM SETUP. If you wish to receive two secure channels at the same time (so that you can watch a secure channel while recording another secure channel), two set top units can be installed to facilitate this request.

AMPLIFICATION EQUIPMENT. Breezeline is required by Federal regulation to deliver a minimum signal to each television receiver. The Breezeline network is designed to provide the required signal for up to four home devices. If more than four devices are connected to the home network, a signal amplification device may be required and will be sold to the subscriber. Breezeline will install the amplification device.

VCR HOOKUPS. Your VCR can be used to enhance your cable television experience. Breezeline personnel will help you understand how to make VCR and cable television service compatible entertainment components. You can have maximum flexibility in watching what you want to watch, when you want to watch it.

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT. Cable jumpers, signal splitters, or A/B switches may cause signal distortion if they do not meet Breezeline standards. Please contact us for assistance in connecting any additional equipment to your home network. All cable connections must be properly prepared and must be properly tightened.

COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE. Our goal is to provide our Customers quality Service. Our Customer Service telephone lines are staffed weekdays during regular business hours. Telephone requests made outside of normal business hours may be handled by a call center, a contracted service or an automatic recording device. Our representatives are available to answer billing questions, provide you with programming information, schedule a service call or to upgrade or downgrade service. Breezeline follows the Customer Service guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission. Breezeline strives to resolve any complaints concerning its Service as expeditiously as possible. Should a Customer have an unresolved complaint regarding quality of Service, equipment malfunctions, or similar matters, the Customer should contact the Manager at the local billing office. If a complaint remains unresolved, the Customer may write a brief explanation of the complaint and the actions taken and bring them to the attention of the headquarters office: Breezeline One Batterymarch Park, Suite 405, Quincy, MA 02169. Additionally, local governments designate individuals, councils, boards, committees or commissions to resolve complaints and ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. The name and number of your local franchise authority is listed on your bill statement.

BASIC TIER AVAILABILITY. The Basic Service Tier is the lowest level of cable service. Basic Service may include off-air broadcast stations, franchise-required public, educational and government access channels if any and any additional video programming signals or services as determined by Breezeline. Please consult the enclosed channel lineup for a full listing of Channels and Services offered on the Basic Service Plan. All such programming varies on a community-by-community basis and is subject to change at any time. A cable customer must subscribe to the Basic Service Tier in order to subscribe to any Cable Service Tier of service offered by the cable company.

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE AND BILLING PROCEDURES. This Welcome Kit is filled with valuable information, and items listed below outline essential information regarding the terms and conditions of service, billing procedures and the relationship between you, the Customer, and Breezeline regarding the provision of Breezeline Digital and other cable or broadband communications services you have selected (Services). Customer agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein and in the accompanying documents, which comprise the Welcome Kit. Customer's signature hereon evidences agreement and certifies acknowledgment of receipt of the Welcome Kit, which includes, among other things, important customer information.

EQUIPMENT. A.) The set top box unit and other Breezeline property and facilities (Equipment) delivered to Customer and/or installed on the premises to receive the Service shall remain the property of Breezeline. Customer assumes the risk of loss, theft or damage to the Equipment at all times prior to the removal of the units by Breezeline or return of the units by Customer. Home Wiring. For new and existing single unit installations, the cable wire inside the Demarcation point, as defined by the FCC, shall become a fixture to the realty upon installation. For multiple dwelling units or commercial installations the cable wire inside the Demarcation point shall not be deemed a fixture or part of the Customer's realty unless the Customer purchases the cable wire when Service is terminated. B.) Customer Owned. Customer agrees that Breezeline is not responsible for the operation, maintenance, service or repair of Customer's television, computer, radio or any other consumer electronics, which may, from time to time, be connected to the Service.

ACCESS. Customer hereby grants Breezeline the right to enter upon the property at the service address to install Service and to audit, adjust, repair, replace, maintain, move or remove Equipment and, from time to time, check for signal leakage.

PARENTAL CONTROL. Parental control features are available for use with the Service to block or "lock-out" certain video programming channels and/or filter certain Internet content. You will find information in your Welcome Kit on how to enable these features.

PAYMENT TERMS. Customer agrees to pay monthly charges in advance. Failure to pay the total balance when due shall constitute a breach of the Service Agreement and may be grounds for disconnection of Service and/or imposition of additional fees, in accordance with applicable law. Breezeline may charge a reasonable service fee for all returned checks and bankcard charge backs. The returned check amount (plus fee) must be replaced by cash, cashier's check or money order. Any charges associated with Service and Equipment additions requested by Customer subsequent to the initial installation shall be reflected on the Customer's billing statement after the additional Service and/or Equipment has been added. Customer must bring any billing errors or requests for credit to Breezeline's attention within thirty (30) days of the time Customer receives the bill for which correction of a billing error or credit is sought.

CHANGES TO SERVICE. Breezeline reserves a certain time window (typically five to seven business days) to effect any changes in Service. Any refund due will be mailed within a certain time window (typically 30 days) after settlement of account, return of Equipment to Breezeline and completion of the final billing cycle.

CORRESPONDENCE. Do not mail written correspondence with your bill statement. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO THE Breezeline ADDRESS WHICH APPEARS HEREON:

Breezeline Corporate Office

3 Batterymarch Park, Suite 200

Quincy, MA 02169

LATE FEES. If Breezeline does not receive timely, full payment, Customer may be charged a Late Fee, Processing Fee or Late Processing Fee (Late Fee). The Late Fee is intended to be a reasonable advance estimate of costs to manage past due accounts. Some examples of costs incurred to manage past due accounts include the additional expense associated with preparing additional bill statements, processing Customer's service records, mailing additional notices, tracking past due accounts, responding to inquiries regarding past due balances, making collection telephone calls, performing special procedures to process past due payments, generating work orders and performing necessary field work to collect past due accounts. Breezeline will tell Customer the amount of the Late Fee and other separate or additional charges at the time Customer subscribes to and receives Breezeline's services, prior to the time Breezeline implements a new fee, and in Breezeline's annual mailings to Customer thereafter. Breezeline does not extend credit to our Customers and the Late Fee is not interest, a credit service charge or a finance charge. Breezeline's late fee practices may be revised to comply with applicable federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations.

PRIOR ACCOUNTS. Customer warrants that no monies are owing to Breezeline from previous accounts with Breezeline. If Breezeline finds a prior account with Customer with monies owed to Breezeline, then Breezeline may apply any funds received to that prior account.

TERMINATION - CUSTOMER. Customer may terminate Service in person at the cable system office or by telephone. To avoid any billing misunderstanding, telephone requests for disconnection should be followed up either in writing or in person.

TERMINATION OF SERVICE/DISCONNECTED ACCOUNT. Upon termination, the company may charge additional fees on any unpaid balance. Breezeline reserves the right to continue billing for Service through the end of the billing cycle or until all Equipment has been returned, whichever occurs first. The replacement costs for any unreturned Equipment will be posted to Customer's account once billing ends. In the event that the Equipment is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen, or not returned to Breezeline upon termination of Service, Customer shall be liable to Breezeline for the full replacement cost of any unreturned Equipment. Customer understands and agrees that any deposit account may be used to offset any outstanding balance and or the cost of any unreturned Equipment. Further, Customer understands and agrees that Breezeline may charge Customer's credit card on file at termination of Service in the amount of any outstanding balance and/or for the cost for any unreturned Equipment, in accordance with applicable law.

RESTRICTIONS. Customer may not order or request PPV, digital music or any other programming for receipt, exhibition or taping in a commercial establishment. Customer may not exhibit or assist in the exhibition of PPV programming in a commercial establishment unless explicitly authorized to do so by agreement with an authorized program provider. If Customer fails to abide by this restriction, Customer accepts liability for any and all claims made against Customer or Breezeline on account of any commercial exhibition.

PROGRAMMING. Customer acknowledges that Breezeline has the right at any time to preempt without notice specific advertised programming and to substitute programming, which Breezeline deems to be comparable.

THEFT OF SERVICE. Customer shall not intercept, receive, share or assist in the interception, receipt or sharing of any Service offered by Breezeline, without the prior written authorization of Breezeline. Customer shall not move Equipment to another location or use it at an address other than the Service address without prior authorization from Breezeline.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. a.) No Warranty. Breezeline makes no warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of either the Equipment or Service furnished hereunder. b.) Limitation of Liability. Breezeline shall not be liable to Customer for indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with the Service or any acts or omissions associated therewith, including any acts or omissions by subcontractors of Breezeline, or relating to any services furnished, whether such claim is based on breach of warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory and regardless of the causes of such loss, or damages or whether any other remedy provided herein fails. c.) Customer Exclusive Remedy. Breezeline's entire liability and Customer's exclusive remedy with respect to the use of the Services or any breach by Breezeline of any obligation Breezeline may have under these Terms and Conditions shall be Customer's ability to terminate the Service or to obtain the replacement or repair of any defective Equipment. In no event shall Breezeline's liability to Customer for any claim arising out of this Agreement exceed the amount paid by Customer during the preceding thirty (30) day period.

ASSIGNMENT - CHANGE OF OCCUPANCY. The Service shall only be provided to Customer at the address where Breezeline's installation is performed. Customer may not transfer Customer's rights or obligations to the Service to any successor tenant or occupant or to any other address without Breezeline's prior written consent.