Enhanced 911 Information

Enhanced 911 Information

Important 911 and Enhanced 911 information—your acknowledgment is required by FCC regulations. Failure to acknowledge receipt of this information may result in an interruption of service.

Breezeline’s voice over Internet protocol service (“Voice Service”) is offered as a replacement phone service for your traditional telephone service. Additionally, Breezeline offers an Enhanced 911 ("E911") feature as part of the Voice Service. E911 allows us to deliver your address and call-back number automatically to local 911 emergency services personnel when you need help.

The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) has asked the industry to make sure you understand this important information about the E911 feature of your Voice Service. Information about E911 service is also included in your applicable Residential or Commercial Subscriber Agreement, provided to you at the time of your service installation and available anytime online at www.breezeline.com.

The Voice Service does not have its own power source and will not work unless Breezeline equipment is connected to an independent power supply (for example, an active wall socket) provided by you. Breezeline Voice Service, along with the E911 feature, will not function if such power source or Breezeline equipment fails. Additionally, the E911 feature will not function if your Voice Service is interrupted or not functioning for any other reason, including, but not limited to: a power outage lasting beyond battery backup, if any; a Breezeline network service outage; or, if your service is disconnected at your request or for non-payment of Breezeline charges. In the event of a power outage, Breezeline does not provide backup batteries at the time of installation, but has backup batteries available for purchase on www.breezeline.com to supply power for a limited period of time in the event of a power outage at your premises.

When we install the Voice Service, we also register your service address according to the information you provide to us and confirm as accurate. If you move the Voice Service equipment to another location, you must update your location. If you do not update your location, E911 calls you make may be misdirected to any incorrect emergency services responder or the emergency responder may be directed to the wrong address. You may update a location by dialing 611 to speak with a Breezeline representative.