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Peace of Mind

Breezeline Voice Service provides e911 emergency calling access to police, fire and medical services.

Our e911 emergency calling will automatically relay your phone number and address in the event you are unable to do so provided your public safety system supports this feature. In locations where this service is not available, you will be asked for your phone number and address.

As an added protection during a power outage, we offer the opportunity to purchase a battery for backup as an option to your Breezeline Voice Service. So even if you don’t have power, you can still dial 911.

Please note that, as with any phone service, a wireless phone will not work in a power outage so you should have a working non-cordless phone in your home at all times.

The rates and ordering information for batteries are posted at You can also call Breezeline Customer Service 888-536-9600 for assistance.

To assure access to e911 emergency calling is not disrupted, do not move your phone adapter without notifying Breezeline.