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Breezeline home Phone service (VoIP), Breezeline Hosted Voice, and Breezeline Hosted Voice+ (collectively, “Voice Service”) provide Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency calling access to police, fire and medical services.

Important 911 and E911 information

Please read below. Failure to follow the instructions may result in an interruption of service.

Our E911 emergency calling service will automatically send your phone number and service address to local authorities if you’re unable to do so. Please note that this feature relies on your local public safety system supporting it. If you are in an area where this service is not available, you’ll be asked to provide your phone number and address when you call 911.

To ensure our Voice Service works properly, it needs to be connected to a power source, like an active wall socket. Please keep in mind that the E911 feature won’t work if your Voice Service is interrupted or not functioning for any reason, such as a power outage that lasts beyond battery backup (if purchased), a Breezeline network outage, or if your service is disconnected at your request or due to non-payment.

As an extra precaution during a power outage, you can purchase a battery for backup for your Breezeline Voice Service. This way, you’ll still be able to call 911 even when the power is out. Please note that, in a power outage you should have an alternate phone option that doesn’t require a power source in your home, at all times.

The rates and ordering information for batteries are posted at- Atlantic Broadband Store - SURFboard Store .you can also call Breezeline Customer Service 888-536-9600 for assistance.

When we set up your Voice Service, we make sure your service address matches the information you give us and verify its accuracy. If you ever relocate the Voice Service equipment to a different place, it’s crucial to update your new location. If you don’t update it, your E911 calls might reach the wrong emergency services or provide the wrong address to responders. To update your location, simply dial 611 to speak with one of our Breezeline representatives.

Information about E911 service for Voice Service is also included in your applicable customer agreement: Residential Subscriber Agreement (for residential customers) or Commercial Services Terms and Conditions (for commercial customers).

For Breezeline Mobile customers:

If you dial 911 from a mobile device, the local public safety system may not know your location or phone number. Although some local emergency authorities have enabled E911 services that use GPS or other methods to determine the caller’s location, E911 does not always provide accurate location information. If your mobile device is indoors, cannot acquire a satellite signal, or otherwise cannot obtain your location, or your mobile phone number is in the process of porting, your location may not be transmitted to the local public safety system. Additionally, if you make the 911 call over WiFi or a data connection, you may experience issues if there is a power outage, disruption in WiFi service or to the data connection, or if you are unable to access the Internet. Please always update your emergency 911 address in the settings of your mobile device.

Information about 911 calling for Breezeline Mobile customers is also included in your Breezeline Mobile Subscriber Agreement.