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Ethernet LAN Service

Learn how E‑LAN service can enhance your organization’s operations and explore the benefits of Ethernet for business from Breezeline

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What is E‑LAN service?

Ethernet local-area network, often abbreviated as E‑LAN, uses copper or fiber optic Ethernet cables to provide connectivity to a network in a specific location, like an office building or corporate headquarters.

What does Ethernet connection do?

This technology allows devices, such as servers, computers, conferencing systems, printers and more, on the same Ethernet LAN to communicate quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of an Ethernet network?

The most impressive benefits of Ethernet for business are speed, security and reliability. When comparing business Ethernet to wireless internet, you get faster communication, greater network security and more consistent connectivity with E-LAN. Dependable, fast Ethernet means you get more efficient and productive business communication. As a bonus, you get a dynamic network that’s just the right size for your operations, so you’re not overpaying or strapped on bandwidth.

Types of businesses that need E-LAN

Ethernet broadband can serve businesses in a variety of vital industries. From the government and education sectors to financial services and healthcare institutions, metro Ethernet services keep businesses connected.

Contact Breezeline to learn more about our E-LAN product offerings and explore business Ethernet plans that will work for you. Whether you need small business Ethernet or services for a larger operation, we can find enterprise solutions that fit your needs.