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Cloud Computing Solutions

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What are cloud-based solutions?

A cloud-based solution is an application that’s provided by a third party, such as Breezeline, rather than residing in a business’s own data center. There are different types of cloud solutions available, including computer networks, data storage, security and more, with each serving a specific function.

Cloud computing solutions

Cloud computing can provide networking, servers, IT and software to support your organization’s day-to-day operations. It can also include business cloud storage with databases to keep all your important information backed up. Security is another important cloud-based application since cloud security managed services can help protect against cyberattacks and preserve the privacy of your business.

Managed cloud services

As your managed cloud service provider, Breezeline can keep all your cloud business solutions running smoothly and efficiently so you don’t have to.

Benefits of cloud solutions

So, why should you consider cloud services for your business?There are numerous benefits to opting for cloud-based business solutions, including:

Lower ownership cost:

You don’t have to absorb the cost of buying and maintaining your own pricey equipment and software.


Pay for the cloud space and power your business consumes. You have the flexibility to increase or decrease spend as needed.


You want solutions you can count on. Cloud services give you consistent quality performance.

Time savings:

Managed cloud solutions take care of service operations so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Reliable system monitoring keeps your business data secure so you don’t have to worry about breaches.

Storage safety net:

Keep your data backed up and easily accessible in the cloud. This also serves as a contingency plan in case disaster strikes.

Cloud-hosted Home Phone

Within our enterprise solution offerings, you’ll find cloud-based Home Phone services. Using internet cloud capabilities, we can host VoIP (Home Phone over Internet Protocol) to make business communications easy and efficient.

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Fiber solutions for cloud services

We’re equipped with high-performance fiber solutions and Metro Ethernet service to support integrated business cloud hosting. Contact us today to discover how Breezeline can cater our next generation industry-specific business solutions to optimize your operations.

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