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How do I set up WiFi Your Way Work?

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How do I set up WiFi Your Way Work?

Setting up your WiFi Your Way Work network is easy and only takes a few minutes. The WiFi Your Way Work App will guide you along the way. The initial setup process can be broken down into parts:

  1. Creating your WiFi Your Way Work account
    • Download and open the WiFi Your Way Work App

    • Tap on Set up WiFi Your Way Work.

    • Review and accept the terms and conditions.

    • Enter your Full Name and the Location Name of your business. Please note, if you have multiple locations for your business, you may add additional locations after completing the initial install, or you may create separate accounts for each location.

    • Enter your Email and Password
      • If you already have WiFi Your Way at home, you will need to use a different email for your WiFi Your Way Work account.

      • You can use the Magic Link instead of a password. Instead of a password, this sends a link to your email every time you need to log back into the WiFi Your Way Work App.

    • Tap on Next. A verification email will be sent, or a Magic link will be sent.

    • Open the email and tap on the Verify Email and then Open App.

  2. Connecting the first SuperPod to your gateway
    • Connect a SuperPod into your modem, gateway, ONT, or ONU using an Ethernet cable. This SuperPod will be the “gateway SuperPod” of your network.
    • Plug the SuperPod into an electrical outlet. The LED should start to slowly pulse as it finds its connection to the cloud.
    • Restart the modem/gateway by unplugging it from the electrical outlet.
  3. Set up your WiFi zones (SSIDs) - With WiFi Your Way Work, you can set up different “WiFi zones” and grant specific network access within each zone. Here you will set up a “Secure zone” which is separate from the “Employee zone” and the “Guest (or customers) zone”. In this stage the wizard will walk you through defining the network name and password for each of your WIFi zones. The first will be to choose a username and password for the secure zone:
    • Enter a Network Name and Password to be used to access the Secure zone.

    • This network should be used for anything you want to keep separate from the rest of the network like security cameras, point of sale systems, and file servers.

    • Enter a Network Name and Password to be used to access the Employee zone.

    • This will be used for you and your employees' devices.

    • Enter a Network Name and Password to be used to access the Guest zone.

    • This network is for your guests and only has Internet access.

    • You also have the ability to limit the internet speed for your guests.

    • A customized Guest portal may be created after the initial setup.

  4. Connect all remaining SuperPods
    • Plug any additional SuperPods throughout your workspace.

    • Avoid placing the SuperPods in areas where they can be easily accessed by your guests,

    • As each SuperPod is plugged into an electrical outlet, the LED will slowly pulse while it finds its connection.

    • Keep close to each SuperPod until the WiFi Your Way Work App confirms it has been found.

    • Once successfully connected, the LED will turn off.

    • Tap on “All Done” once all SuperPods are plugged in.

    • The SuperPods will download and install any available firmware updates and then reboot. Tap on Next to continue.

    • You will be prompted to join the network.

  5. Turn off your old WiFi - If you have a gateway, to activate your WiFi Your Way service, you will need to turn off the WiFi on your gateway to ensure the best performance.

    • To shut down your gateway WiFi on your phone, go to and follow the onscreen steps.
    • If you reuse an old network name and password for either the Secure or Employee zones, the devices should connect automatically as soon as the WiFi is disabled on the gateway.

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