Does hardwiring SuperPods to ethernet improve the network?

Yes. Having Ethernet cabling in your business and connecting SuperPods via Ethernet provides a large advantage in terms of the WiFi speeds you can achieve. When Ethernet is not available, SuperPods use WiFi to backhaul the network traffic between them. However, if you have Ethernet in your business, you can connect the SuperPods to the Ethernet jacks in your workplace and the backhaul traffic will travel over the Ethernet cable. In addition to avoiding potential WiFi signal strength issues between SuperPods, this provides more airtime for the rest of the WiFi network and allows devices the ability for increased WiFi speeds.

Also, because you are using the Ethernet to backhaul traffic instead of WiFi, you may be able to space the SuperPods a little further apart since their connection to each other is no longer over WiFi. Just make sure you are not creating coverage gaps for your devices.

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