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Why Your Business Needs Hosted Voice Over IP

Innovative technology continues to transform how business is done for small and large businesses alike. With technology and communication trends moving faster than ever before, it’s important to take advantage of these trends to keep the way we communicate with our employees, clients and coworkers current and seamless. Having an efficient communication system not only enables employees to be productive, but it ultimately leads to improving businesses’ bottom lines.

Many companies, especially smaller ones, hit barriers when attempting to gain access to technology advances, especially feature rich communication systems. Barriers like high equipment costs, complicated systems and scalability immediately become issues, preventing companies from purchasing or upgrading their communications systems to more advanced ones, ultimately keeping their business from growing.

Thankfully, there’s a way to get enterprise level features on a small and mid-size business budget. Hosted phone systems allow business owners to use advanced communication solutions without the high capital and maintenance costs, and operational complexity of traditional phone systems.

Unlike traditional on-premise systems that include expensive hardware and separate management and maintenance contracts, hosted systems use smart software and cloud technology to deliver a complete and fully managed service.

Additionally, a hosted phone system lives in a data center (as opposed to on-site), and includes all of the necessary security, operations, and maintenance expertise organizations need. Businesses can easily and transparently access enterprise-grade phone service through the cloud using a standard business-class Internet connection, giving its employees a much broader range of phone features and functions.

These advanced features allow smaller business owners to get the same benefits their larger counterparts do including:

Increased Efficiency: Features like auto attendant and advanced call routing ensure calls are automatically transferred to the right resource with minimal hold time so companies can spend more time making the phone ring.

Boost Productivity: The ability to forward voicemail messages to your email, seamlessly transfer calls across locations or offices, and perform mid-call, office-to-mobile hand-offs ensure businesses never have to be stuck at their desk when opportunity calls.

Improve Reliability: Cloud-based services ensure multi-site companies, mobile workforces, and work from home employees stay securely connected.