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Supercharged: The Impact Of High-Speed Internet Connectivity


Founded in 2017, Supercharged is the largest indoor multi-level karting track in the world. The 110,000-square-foot facility houses two multi-level tracks in addition to a trampoline park, event space and full-service sports bar. In 2018 alone, it had over 220,000 guests.

Cody Browning is Supercharged’s regional general manager and is responsible for developing and overseeing all operational processes for the facility. As part of his role, he was recently tasked with evaluating Internet service providers, and was keen to find one that could handle the unique technological needs of his business. One of the most important criteria he considered was a provider’s ability to keep the business online at all times. It’s critical that Supercharged’s local system can communicate with a remote server to access cloud-based systems used to keep their back office running. Additionally, Internet access reliability is imperative for ensuring the business can serve customers and process credit card transactions. “If we lose Internet services, we lose business, and that’s not an option,” said Browning.