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Standard vs. Hosted Voice – Why Change?

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Business communications have become increasingly more streamlined as technology evolves to meet organizations’ growing needs. No matter the size of a business, many are seeking out more advanced solutions – one major area is in their phone communications.

With new trends in technology constantly appearing, it’s important to know what to look for in choosing a voice solution. Let’s explore Standard Public Branch Exchange (PBX) Voice and Hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) from Breezeline. Understanding each system and their key differences will help determine the best choice for your business.

Standard Voice

This voice solution can only be used in the building where the hardware is installed – such as an office. Calls are sent and received over the public switched telephone network (PSTN), typically on landlines and desk phones. With a predetermined number of phone lines connected to one fixed location, Standard Voice is a customary system that may be well-suited to certain industries that do not need fast scalability.

Features include:

  • Voice calling

  • Call forwarding

  • Call recording

  • Analogue voice

This system can be considered obsolete for modern businesses – it is difficult to scale, requiring a vendor to undergo physical installation for new lines, updates, or moves. Due to its limited ability to adapt, many businesses are seeking more advanced means of communication.

Upgrade to Hosted Voice to streamline and enhance communications between your employees, clients, and partners.

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice is a cloud-based system that uses Internet to send and receive calls. Featuring mobile functionality and flexibility that doesn’t exist with traditional phone lines, it is accessible anywhere with Internet access on any connected device (such as your in-office computer, laptop at home, or cell phone through an application).

With Hosted Voice from Breezeline, enjoy the following features & more:

  • Utilize voice calling, conferencing, and messaging – anytime, anywhere.

  • Auto attendant allows business owners to answer calls from their mobile phones, no matter where they are – giving small businesses a big business edge.

  • 1-1 call paths for every purchased seat gives you the freedom to make more calls at the same time, without limits.

  • Use the Hosted Voice portal and app to easily communicate with coworkers or other partners.

  • Email accounts link to the portal for easy management all in one place.

  • Utilize team collaboration tools such as screen sharing, file sharing and editing, and more.

  • Advanced call routing ensures calls are automatically transferred to the right place with minimal hold time.

  • Send and receive online faxes directly on your computer, without the hassle of printing.

Hosted Voice is continually growing more popular as businesses look to move their operations, networking and phone needs to the cloud. It has all of the basic functionalities that Standard (PBX) service provides, while being far more agile, adaptable and streamlined with enhanced benefits.

Benefits of Hosted Voice

With greater functionality, reduced costs, and many more advanced features than other phone systems, Hosted Voice is the smart choice to elevate your business communications.

  • Greater Flexibility: There’s no need to stay in one location – accommodate workers in outside locations on the same network.

  • Highly Scalable: Easily upgrade your plan, purchase additional lines, or add new users to the portal. With the Cloud, you are one phone call away to support your business with any change.

  • Full Control: Enjoy the freedom to control your domain – easy management is at your fingertips with portal and application access, giving you additional independence from customer service.

  • Cost-Efficient Solutions: Cut costs by leveraging cloud services instead of purchasing and maintaining on-site equipment.

Choosing the Right Provider

Even as a small or mid-sized business, it’s possible to gain all the benefits and ease of an enterprise phone system without a heavy investment or complicated transition.

Why Breezeline?

  • We work together with our customers to seamlessly transition and tailor a solution that meets your business’s unique needs.

  • We stay involved throughout the process to design, install, set up and support your system — all on site.

  • We own and operate our entire network, providing secure end-to-end services directly to you.

  • We continually advance our system with more features and easier usage to help businesses flourish.

  • With Hosted Voice, we provide state-of-the-art phones and headsets, and send additional equipment when you need it – no installation required.

  • Payment is easy with a monthly expense tying everything in, including service, equipment and support.

  • 24/7/365 priority business support ensures we’re here anytime you need us.

Choose Breezeline as your Voice provider for commitment and support at every stage of your business.

Moving to the Cloud

For an adaptable solution that grows with you, choose Hosted Voice from Breezeline. Moving to the cloud is easy and cost-efficient – upgrade today to experience the difference. When you transform how your business communicates, increased productivity, connection and profits will follow.

Learn more about our Hosted Voice solutions for business here.

To find the best fit for your business’s voice communications, schedule a free evaluation of your current system.

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