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Monarch School Improves Communications With Fiber Networking Solution

The school’s mission is to support individuals with special needs so they can realize their greatest potential. It does this by providing a nurturing environment, working one-on-one with its students, and utilizing a variety of teaching methods, including online tools.

The school is equipped with an up-to-date computer lab where students and teachers work together and do activities that range from watching educational YouTube videos and conducting research, to simply refining their computer skills. Without access to the Internet, all teaching and activity at the school would become very difficult.

However, the Internet isn’t the only service that’s important to the Monarch School. As the school’s director of human resources Ken Plourde put it, “When communication systems fail, we have our hands tied. It’s very important to the school to have reliable Internet service, reliable phone service and the ability to get immediate help when something goes down.”

For years, Monarch had been using an antiquated phone system that made communication between its two buildings extremely difficult. To make matters worse, because the phone system was so old, it was unable to leverage any new technologies to make its communication more reliable and cost-efficient. To solve these problems, it turned to Breezeline.