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Lutz & Petty Switch Providers for a More Reliable Business Phone System

As small business owners that care deeply about the work they do for their community, Lutz & Petty require the best communication tools to ensure they never miss a call, as it could be regarding a critical and timely request. Before partnering with Atlantic Broadband, Lutz & Petty worked with another provider for internet and a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution for approximately four years since the firm’s founding. While they were relatively satisfied with the suite of features these solutions offered, the firm struggled with frequent service outages. During phone calls with clients, they would regularly experience trouble with call quality and reliability, creating a disruption to the service they were able to provide their clients.

When describing the previous phone service, Nicholas Lutz noted that they would have problems with dropped calls, which could be frustrating and didn’t uphold his firm’s professional standards of operation. He said that over the four years they used the service, the quality of equipment eroded; even when the firm moved to a newly built office space and received new equipment, it was rarely operating at full capacity.

Learn how a customized hosted voice and internet solution built specifically for Lutz & Petty’s needs helped improve customer service and decreased cost.