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Keeping The Daily Sun Up And Running With Hosted Voice

The Laconia Daily Sun has a critical need for reliable connectivity through both telephones and reliable internet.

As a result, the newspaper’s management team and staff have been keenly aware of new technologies and offerings, and have historically been on the leading edge of adopting technologies in their beta stage. The Laconia Daily Sun received services from one of Breezeline’s competitors and was one of its first customers in New Hampshire to adopt the provider’s hosted voice solution when it became available. However, over time the provider’s customer relationship manager left the company and The Daily Sun’s leadership felt as though it had lost the personal connection and partnership it needed.

When evaluating a new telecom provider, two needs were abundantly clear — The Daily Sun required a superior replacement Hosted Voice solution that would give it access to the key capabilities it needed, such as never missing a call, mobile access and greater reliability, and the newspaper needed a true partner to help it through the transition and beyond.