How Evolving Your Business Voice Systems Can Enhance Customer Experiences And Supercharge Sales

Consider this: For many people, a phone call is their first point of contact with a business. And even if it’s not their first, the total calling experience affects how customers and prospects view your business and your ability to serve them.

Needless to say, someone may decide to not do business with you after a poor phone experience. “It’s essential to think about your phone system from the callers’ perspective,” says John Romagnoli, senior director of commercial products for Breezeline. “Are they able to reach the person they need to reach quickly and without too many hurdles? If they don’t reach a live person, how well is your voicemail system serving them, and are they getting called back promptly?”

The quality of the experience you give callers depends on the features and functionality of your phone system, and how you utilize those features.

Ensure your business voice system is easy to use, convenient, and dynamic as it can be.