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5G Connectivity Access: What Your Business Needs To Know

The anticipated arrival of 5G connectivity is here, but what is 5G and how will the 5G network impact my business?

There has been significant discussion, hype and confusion regarding the arrival of 5G connectivity among media outlets and businesses over the past few years.

The considerable bandwidth increases and faster upload and download speeds promised by 5G make it an exciting development. However, there are still many questions about how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should prepare for this technology and what exact benefits it will deliver upon arrival.

Small business owners or managers are often responsible for making important decisions about the technology they invest in and the methods of connectivity they rely on. With respect to broadband connectivity and performance, many SMBs are asking themselves what 5G means for businesses.

SMB owners should take a hard look at whether 5G connectivity access is truly a robust enough technology to support the demands of their businesses. It makes sense to compare 5G business performance to other services based on more mature technologies that may be better suited to meet their internet connectivity requirements.

Find out what your business needs to know about 5G connectivity, its potential as a replacement for broadband and whether it’s the right technology for your business today.