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FlexTrunk Solutions

With FlexTrunk, Breezeline delivers a cost-effective voice solution that supports traditional and IP Private Branch Exchanges (PBX) using Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). FlexTrunk combines enterprise-class voice communications and unmatched internet speeds to meet your business needs today and tomorrow.

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A better way to meet your business voice service needs

Whether you’re maximizing the investment in your traditional PBX or migrating to VoIP by upgrading to an IP PBX, FlexTrunk from Breezeline is a smart choice. Our FlexTrunk service provides the flexibility and reliability you demand, with guaranteed enterprise-class quality.

Why Breezeline FlexTrunk?

Expand Your Business

FlexTrunk’s simple, all-inclusive structure comes fully loaded and includes access to all channels in your trunk, so you can grow from a fractional trunk to a full trunk without adding to your bill.

Peace of Mind

FlexTrunk is backed by the power and reliability of Breezeline’s 10 GigE redundant managed network, delivering greater than 99.95% reliability.

Save Money

FlexTrunk supports traditional and IP PBX equipment using PRI or SIP trunking technology, virtually eliminating the need to purchase expensive new equipment. Whether your business uses PRI today or is migrating to a SIP solution in the future, FlexTrunk from Breezeline will work for you.

Added Value

FlexTrunk includes everything you need, such as long-distance minutes, toll-free numbers, Direct Inward Dial (DID) capability, and Inbound & Outbound Caller ID. You can also access a web-based portal for call detail records and reporting.

How Breezeline FlexTrunk Works

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